About TLU

The Land Use Portal is a contemporary tool for aboriginal consultation
and helps First Nation and Métis communities manage their traditional land use data and industry applications for development.


TLU – The Land Use Portal – is a web based application for managing traditional for First Nation and Métis communities.

Federal and Provincial governments in Canada recognize and respect the right of Aboriginal people to self-governance and a large part of this is the stewardship of land that holds significant cultural and historical meaning for these communities.

Industry TLU

Industry TLU is a public website that allows you to manage incoming applications from industries. You set up access for users from the companies that you deal with, and then direct them to submit their applications for development online. Email notifications are provided to alert you to any new applications, and then you start the process of reviewing the application and providing feedback to the company.

All information is stored in one place – information about the proposed development as well as uploaded files such as ARCGis shape files, PDF documents, Word documents, and more. No more juggling emails back and forth – there is a section for comments in the application that keep all correspondence attached to the application itself.

For Industry, they get a list of all their submitted applications and the status of each. There is no uncertainty as to where in the process the application resides, and graphs show average times to completion based on application type.

Reduce Paperwork

Eliminate the paperwork and multiple copies associated with getting industry applications in the mail, fax, and email. With Tradtional Land Use, you have all documents and correspondence in one place.

Gain Certainty

For each and every application, see where exactly in the process it stands. See historical response times to be able to give better estimates for new applications.

Focus on Consultation

We want to help keep the focus on the consultation process, not the administrative tasks associated with responding to applications. Shift the priority to land reclamation, overall impact of multiple applications in the same ecosystem, and other big-picture concerns.

Build Relationships

Enhance your relationship with industry by providing the tool to meet their needs as well as your own. Over 40 companies are currently using the system for their applications and more come on board every month.